Acceptable Usage Poilcy


This is the HOSTING4U.lk’s Web Hosting Acceptable Use Policy. It applies to all Customers and all Users.

This Acceptable Use Policy may change if:

  1. the HOSTING4U.lk changes it; or
  2. the other industry partners of HOSTING4U.lk changes their  AUPs

If the Acceptable Use Policy changes:

  1. HOSTING4U.lk will notify you of the change through the website or by email to clients, or both;
  2. the new Acceptable Use Policy will apply from the date that we or the HOSTING4U.lk notifies you of it; and
  3. if you disagree with the new Acceptable Use Policy, you may terminate this agreement by providing 14 days’ notice to HOSTING4U.lk.


HOSTING4U.lk are not responsible for the content of traffic:

  • We exercise no supervision or control whatsoever over the content of the information passing through our network.
  • We accept no responsibility for the consequences of unauthorised breach of our system security such as hacking or denial of service attacks.

You are responsible for use of your account. If you permit others to use our service, you are responsible for making users of the service aware of this policy and obtaining compliance of your users with this policy.

Account Uses.

You may use the service for the purpose of web site hosting or VPN access so long as such use is legal and does not constitute an unacceptable use.

HOSTING4U.lk does NOT allow ADULT material of any kind. Adult material includes nudity, porn, etc. Links to other web sites containing adult material are NOT permitted either. The HOSTING4U.lk reserves full right to suspend any account that does not comply with this guideline.

You may not use the Service for any purpose that violates any domestic or international laws.

You may not use the Service for spamming (sending unsolicited advertising to those with which the customer has no existing business relationship, posting off-topic advertising in newsgroups); spoofing (using a return email address which is not the valid reply address of the sender or sending an email message which does not contain enough information to enable the recipient to identify the party who is really sending the message), generating extremely high volumes of outgoing mail than a normal user, and subscribing someone else to an electronic mailing list without that person’s permission.

The HOSTING4U.lk’s services may not be used as a conduit of spam, or for transit of spam, or for activities relating to the propagation of spam or benefiting thereof. The HOSTING4U.lk remains the final arbitrator of what is or is not considered spam on the HOSTING4U.lk’s network.

Distribution of mass emailing programs is also prohibited. All recipients on a mailing list must have personally subscribed. Mailing lists may not be used to distribute unsolicited email.

You may not abuse our server resources. Running programs in the background on our server without our prior written authorization, or running chat rooms, Internet Relay Chat, IRC bots, and the like are not acceptable uses of the HOSTING4U.lk’s servers. In addition any domain that exceeds reasonable bandwidth usage can be terminated without prior notice.

You must not use the HOSTING4U.lk’s servers or  VPN services for

a) constitutes child pornography;
b) constitutes pornography;
c) is excessively violent, incites violence, threatens violence, or contains harassing content or hate speech;
d) is unfair or deceptive under the consumer protection laws of any jurisdiction, including chain letters and pyramid schemes;
e) is defamatory or violates a person’s privacy;
f) creates a risk to a person’s safety or health, creates a risk to public safety or health, compromises national security, or interferes with a investigation by law enforcement;
g) improperly exposes trade secrets or other confidential or proprietary information of another person;
h) is intended to assist others in defeating technical copyright protections;
i) clearly infringes on another person’s trade or service mark, patent, or other property right;
j) promotes illegal drugs, violates export control laws, relates to illegal gambling, or illegal arms trafficking;
k) is otherwise illegal or solicits conduct that is illegal under laws applicable to you or us;
l) is otherwise malicious, fraudulent, or may result in retaliation against us by offended parties.

You must not use HOSTING4U.lk hosting account as a download repository. If you plan to offer files, other than web page files, for downloading, including music and video files, you must negotiate the terms with the HOSTING4U.lk. We reserve the right to suspend such accounts without prior notice.

You must not use your account for hacking/cracking. We reserve the right to report illegal activities to any and all regulatory, administrative, and/or governmental authorities for prosecution.

The Customer is responsible for all activity originating from the account unless proven to be a victim of outside hacking or address forgery. The Customer is responsible for securing their username/password.

We may monitor your account but will respect your privacy. We may monitor the conduct of your account to determine whether this policy is being followed.

We may suspend or terminate your account and/or notify the authorities. If we believe that your use of the service may break the law or that you have not complied with this policy we may warn you by email (but we are not obliged to do so); suspend your access to the service; terminate your account without notice; and/or notify and provide relevant information to the authorities, as appears appropriate in the circumstances.

You agree that you will have no claim against the HOSTING4U.lk or any other partners in respect of any action reasonably taken by the HOSTING4U.lk in its implementation of the terms of this Acceptable Use Policy, and you indemnify the HOSTING4U.lk and any other partners against any claim by a User arising out of the same.

General (Continue)

Any notice given under this agreement must be in writing, addressed to the other party’s contact persons as notified by the other party.

This agreement does not create a relationship of employment, agency or partnership between the parties.

We may subcontract our obligations under this agreement.

The failure of a party at any time to insist on performance by the other party of an obligation under this agreement is not a waiver of any of its rights.

If part or all of any of the provisions of this agreement is illegal or unenforceable, it will be severed from this agreement, and will not affect the continued operation of the remaining provisions.


Acceptable Use Policy means the HOSTING4U.lk’s acceptable use policy set out in clause 11, as amended from time to time in accordance with clause 11.

Additional Services means web-based services that are not included in our normal web hosting and server maintenance services.

Client Data means all information, files or data uploaded by the Customer via the Service to the HOSTING4U.lk’s servers.

Customer, you or your means the person or organisation which has entered into an agreement with HOSTING4U.lk for supply of Services whether via our website or otherwise.

HOSTING4U.lk, we or us means the organisation that provides website hosting and domain registration services that you use via the Service.

Excess Traffic Usage means the traffic usage (if any) in excess of the monthly traffic limit included in your Hosting Plan.

Fees is defined in clause 5.

Hosting Plan means the website hosting plan, described in your quotation that you select in accordance with clause 4.

Laws means all laws including rules of common law, principles of equity, statutes, regulations, proclamations, ordinances, by-laws, rules, regulatory principles and requirements, mandatory codes of conduct, writs, orders, injunctions, judgments, determinations and statutory licence conditions.

Professional Rates means our fees for performing web-based services, as set out in your quotation, or as we otherwise advise you at the time that you request Additional Services.

Service means website hosting, domain registration services and other services offered by the HOSTING4U.lk  that you use, and that are:

  1. subject to the limitations set out in clauses 2, 3, 4, 6 and 11; and
  2. described in more detail in your quotation, according to your Hosting & VPN Plans.